Tuesday, December 9, 2014

5 senses

the five senses
it smells salty
feels rough
taste like ocean  water
 sounds like nothing
and looks brown and crisscrossed.

free choice poem

this weekend
this weekend 
I'm going to go
to sam the hams house
and we are going 
to blow stuff up. 

acrostic poem

in sightful

found poem

John F Kennedy
JFk was the the president
he also was the one of the presidents who got shot in the head.

name poem

it means bad short awesome 
it is the number 42 
it is like a lawn 
it is having a bonfire with friends
it is the memory of my grandpa
who taught me honest and hope 
 when he taught me he was amazing 
my name is Logan
It means having fun, and Doin thing I like.

metaphor poem

life is like a roller coaster with all it twist and turns

Monday, November 24, 2014


                                                                  Friendship. Friend ship is important because you need friends to exeed. It is like in the blind sight movie you need friends so you can have friends lead you because if your blind you cant see were you are going.      

Friday, November 14, 2014

How do you show your freedom, Freedom is important because of our symbols , personal connection, and, our celebration .

Some of the symbols of America is the Eagle and the Flag. These symbols are important because they represent America. And they show that we are free. There are also no slaves in America because there aren’t any rulers over us.

The way we can celebrate our freedom is on the Fourth of July. The way we celebrate on the Fourth of July is we shoot fireworks. Also we celebrate Veterans Day. Veterans Day is a very important way to celebrate our freedom. The reason is because that is when we honor our veterans for fighting in the war for us so we can be free. We also celebrate our freedom while having a parade.

My personal connection is that both my grandpa’s were in the war. Now I have a cousin named Trevor who is in training to be in the military. He is jumping out of planes, and helicopters.

Freedom, celebration, and personal connection. Next time you get a chance thank a veteran.


Friday, October 31, 2014

                     My ghost story

                         If you are ever at OHS in room 222 you better watch out for Bob, the 64year old ghost. Bob was a boy in reading who died because he was stabbed with a pencil. Bob is a hillbilly. He wears overalls and no shirt or shoes.
             He’s got a really funny personality. He has buckteeth, no shoes and scares people with his laugh. He has purple eyebrows and green eyes. 
He has a bad behavior, so when class is going on he is throwing pencils at the teacher, and taking the kids books and throwing them across the room. He has red hair that you can see in the class room, so it looks like a red floating wig, but the teacher never notices because by the  time the teacher turns around to see who’s throwing pencils at him he disappears in to the air.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

ghost,  scare spookaly
ghost, scare, spookally, scarelly
scare spookally scarily mischievously growly
scare spookally scarily mischievously growly
when he comes for you

Friday, October 17, 2014

holloween story

                   The Halloween feast

During this feast there was a wonderful light show. There was blue lights and red lights and green, purple, teal, and violet light they were really cool. For the food there was fried chicken, mash potatoes, gravy, steak green beans every kind of chips you could think of. Also there was all sorts of pop sprite, Sunkist, mountain due, dr. pepper, Coke-cola, and root beer. There was also a lot of game like witchcraft and a food fight. The supper was good and the decorations were amazing. The games were fun especially the food fight because there was so much food. The food was so even when we were throwing I, you could catch it in your mouth like grapes or skittles. 
Logan D

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nursery rhyme

Cobbler, cobbler, fix  my shoe,
Give it a soal and that will do.
Here's a nail, and there's a prod,
And now my shoe is well done.

Monday, September 29, 2014

My personal brand video

I learned how to do voice over on iMovie. I also learned how to crop my movie.  I learned how to put pictures and videos on iMovie.

Friday, September 12, 2014


            My unforgettable day at school. 

It was a cool morning in the middle of May, It was very dreary and rainy. I was very tired and not ready for the day, and was at school at 7:30 A.M. and the rest of the class had left at 6:30 A.M. for the museum in Hastings. I was at the school with four other boys Dylan, Ray, Brandon, and Lane.
My unforgettable day at school  is the day I  were not able to go on the sixth grade field trip to the Hastings Museum.  When I couldn't go, I went to Mrs. Fox’s and I had to do homework.The kind of homework I had to do was an essay on the Prairie Indians,and also I had to write about the constellation’s.
  During this day when we finished all of our work, we got to go outside  and walk around the track. Then we went inside and had some popcorn, and played on our iPods for the rest of the day. So it turns out I had a good day with my friends.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Bedroom writing

                       BEDROOM WRITING

When  I walk into to my bedroom I see two john deere picture that light up. They are from the (1960-1970) Era. then I see my light blue and dark blue and . Then you can see my messy floor. My floor is full of clothes,BB’s,shorts, and pants. Then you can see my hat rack it has 6 peterbilt hats and 2 ford hats. After that u can see my radars football sign.
I also have a messy dresser full of tools, and a jar of BB’s and two M&M machines. I have a queen size bed i share a room with my brother Lukas

In my bedroom I  have a window that I can open then I can jump out when I'm in trouble of to go outside I am rich beyond measures