Monday, November 24, 2014


                                                                  Friendship. Friend ship is important because you need friends to exeed. It is like in the blind sight movie you need friends so you can have friends lead you because if your blind you cant see were you are going.      

Friday, November 14, 2014

How do you show your freedom, Freedom is important because of our symbols , personal connection, and, our celebration .

Some of the symbols of America is the Eagle and the Flag. These symbols are important because they represent America. And they show that we are free. There are also no slaves in America because there aren’t any rulers over us.

The way we can celebrate our freedom is on the Fourth of July. The way we celebrate on the Fourth of July is we shoot fireworks. Also we celebrate Veterans Day. Veterans Day is a very important way to celebrate our freedom. The reason is because that is when we honor our veterans for fighting in the war for us so we can be free. We also celebrate our freedom while having a parade.

My personal connection is that both my grandpa’s were in the war. Now I have a cousin named Trevor who is in training to be in the military. He is jumping out of planes, and helicopters.

Freedom, celebration, and personal connection. Next time you get a chance thank a veteran.