Tuesday, December 9, 2014

5 senses

the five senses
it smells salty
feels rough
taste like ocean  water
 sounds like nothing
and looks brown and crisscrossed.

free choice poem

this weekend
this weekend 
I'm going to go
to sam the hams house
and we are going 
to blow stuff up. 

acrostic poem

in sightful

found poem

John F Kennedy
JFk was the the president
he also was the one of the presidents who got shot in the head.

name poem

it means bad short awesome 
it is the number 42 
it is like a lawn 
it is having a bonfire with friends
it is the memory of my grandpa
who taught me honest and hope 
 when he taught me he was amazing 
my name is Logan
It means having fun, and Doin thing I like.

metaphor poem

life is like a roller coaster with all it twist and turns